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The goal of a Lighting Consultant is to create your space, whether it be a Family Room, Dining Room, or Outdoor Living area, it should be as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Ambient light, task light, and accent lighting should be layered to obtain the correct mix for your home or office.

With 20 years of knowledge pertaining to product (i.e. light bulbs, recessed lighting, and decorative fixtures), I am able to enhance any living space.


From design to implementation, I will design you a magnificent outdoor retreat or enhance the interior with an elegant touch.

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For consultation and complete design on your lighting project,




Any Lighting Project

I can help you with any lighting project or needs you have, including interior lighting and outdoor lighting. This includes decks, porches, swimming pool, family rooms, dining rooms, and more.


Contact us today for an immediate consultation. You can also see pictures of our finished projects in our photo gallery.

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